our mission is to build an equitable art ecosystem.

The market for contemporary art has grown to over $35 billion per year.  Yet unlike their counterparts in film, music, or publishing, visual artists do not receive continued compensation for the capital their works generate as they are resold and traded in the secondary market. While the rest of the art market sees unprecedented prosperity, artists face a cycle of economic insecurity.   American artists have spent over five decades trying to secure resale royalties via legislation and ad hoc fixes. Challenges in tracking works and managing distributions have left a solution out of reach — until now.   

FAIRPLAY leverages recent technological advances to deliver artists royalties on the downstream sale of their work — all while aligning incentives to deliver value for artists, their patrons, and dealers.   

FAIRPLAY is a social venture.  Our mission is to pool and leverage artists’ market power to build an equitable ecosystem.  Beyond delivering royalties to individual artists, FAIRPLAY sustains the broader creative community — a percentage of each secondary market sale endows an artist-controlled non-profit fund that provides emergency grants and other critical assistance to artists. Over time, this mechanism empowers artists to endow and sustain their own community at unprecedented scale.